Royal Romance Goldfinger

Mar 9, 2015


Heart - 07/2017 clear
Patella - clear
DNA - clear by parentage
MRI - clear, 0c, no PSOM
eyes - clear


 - Landessieger Hessen 2016 (VK) -

ROLEXX is so far the only one we kept from his Mom "Emma" and to our joy he has passed his health checks in spring 2016 with flying colors.

With his ever so sweet nature we can't wish for a more handsome boy to live with - a true happy spaniel.
We also are very happy with his first Babies and our keeper girl is exactly the type we hoped for!

Rolexx is living at my Mom and was only shown once in summer 2016 where he straight
won Best Dog under breedspecialist Stephen Goodwin (Lanola, UK).

Our sweet boy Rolexx - 2 years


16 months 


12 months in April 2016